Pope Francis you are still planning to make Pope John Paul II a saint come this April 2014. Pope Francis, Pope John Paul II helped to cover up the sexual abuse of children by Priests. Not only did Pope John Paul II cover it up in 2004 he promoted Cardinal Bernard Francis Law as archpriest of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. Cardinal Bernard Francis Law a man who had to resign as archbishop of Boston in 2002 for covering up the sexual abuse of children by monsters dressed in Priests clothing. Cardinal Law resigned from the archpriest position in November 2011 when he reached the age of 80. Cardinal Law still lives in one of the basilica apartments. Not to shabby for a man who should have been arrested and thrown in jail for covering up pedophile. Jesus must be weeping in heaven for what has become of the Catholic church, at the hands of the men who are running it.

My family and I wont turn away from our Catholic faith a faith I love. That doesn’t mean we wont speak out against the men who are running the church. The only power we have is to no longer put money into the collection basket at Mass. When the leaders of the Catholic church stand up and start behaving as Jesus would and stop treating our children as less than human and second class citizens only then will my family start giving money back to the church.

I am a Catholic, proud to be so and I do forgive but I don’t forget that a Pope I truly looked up to when I was a young adult let me down in the worst possible way. He didn’t protect our most innocent and by doing so said it is okay to abuse our children. If he had only immediately come out condemned and helped bring these monsters to justice. Instead of empowering these victims he made them victims again. Pope Francis in effect you’re once again letting the world know the leaders of the Catholic church place no real value on our children. For all the men and boys that came forward-looking for justice and closure for what happened to them, I’m sorry that once again the leaders of the Catholic church are letting them know it doesn’t matter what happened.

Again this is not a letter against the Catholic Religion. To state one more time there is nothing wrong with the Catholic Religion. It is the leaders that need to be reminded that they stand for something much higher than themselves.

Thanks for reading,

Alison Patriot