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American’s are uncaring and unfeeling people. Really, please tell that to these boys and girls who have come out for the past 13 years to ride for a cause.

Motorcycles... everywhere

Motorcycles… everywhere

The cause is for a biker that was killed 13 years ago due to a head on collusion with a nineteen year old on drugs and driving an SUV. As you can imagine there was no contest for the husband and father of two. When he arrived in the ER after having to go med-flight, the doctor asked if the man had anything he would like to say to his family. It was a simple answer. “Please tell them I love them”. When the doctor opened up the man on the operating table he bleed out so quickly that he was gone within seconds. So, much for a fall motorcycle ride that was supposed to have only been for a few minutes.

His name Nelson, his mother is my mother’s life long friend from high school. When Nelson died he left his family being the only bread-winner in order for his wife to stay home and raise their kids their way. There was no money, since like so many of us living pay check to pay check. Nelson dug clams and caught lobsters for a living. Along with other things to make ends meet. He did a great job they had their own home, food for their tummies and clothes on their backs.

When tragedy hits, Americans do what Americans do best. They step up and do whatever possible to help folks in need. Nelson’s wife got a job, she did what she needed to do for her kids and so did their biker friends along with bikers they never had met before. They quickly organized and rallied to raise money for Nelson’s family. That first year was rough, but she made it with the money raised that year. Then the next year, and the year after for thirteen years these bikers get together at the end of the summer and ride for one man and his family. Never let anyone tell you American isn’t the most generous nation this world has ever seen.

I am happy to report that Nelson’s wife and kids are doing well. Nelson’s wife has remarried and the kids are grown. For a number of years now Nelson’s wife hasn’t had to use the money raised from this ride. She keeps it going and she makes sure that the money goes to someone else who is in need. Nelson’s mother still rides in it and so does Nelson’s wife.

It is a grand sight to see a hundred or so bikers pull out and go off down the street. It is a wonderful thing for families to see, with the hope that they let their children know why all these bikers have pulled together for a ride. Rain or shine, these boys and girls pull together and rev their engines for one man and his family. This humble Patriot says thank you for your kind hearts and generous spirits, you remind me of why it is great to be an American. american-eagle-flag.jpg

Thank you for reading,

Alison Patriot