What have we allowed to happen? Yes I’m talking to you America. Where has personal responsibility gone and accountability. How about my word means something and I stand by it. Work ethics what are those and when did we became the welfare nation. Family values have those been tossed out the window. When did it became wrong to be a God-fearing nation and not okay to live in his grace?

Schools slipping from number one statues not just from one state to another, but in the world. How could we allow this for our kids? How could we continue to allow unions to destroy our schools and in so doing putting our kids futures in jeopardy?

Never forgot our military heroes that fight for our freedom. As we all should know freedom doesn’t come free it must be fought for and protected. Our soldiers do this for us, they keep the line, and tow the line. In so doing that allows me the freedom to write this paper without fear.

When did our politicians stop working for us and we start working for them. Government is out of control and taking more of our freedoms away from us. You can’t have a big gulp drinks, no fat, ban those foods and drinks. We know what is best for you America so put up and shut up. Not this American I wont stand down. I want my freedoms for myself and family.

Spending is out of control with the government and frankly America so is ours. It is nice to have the latest and greatest gadgets, but if at the moment  you can’t afford it don’t buy it. Keep that money in your wallet until you can. No one is going to look down on you for that and if they do it is time to kick them to the curb. Besides if more and more of us boycott the huge phone, cable and internet bills the companies would bring prices down. Take back your wallet and say no. My husband and I did. We dropped our data plans and saved over $700 a year.

Government keeps increasing taxes saying it makes life better. Who’s life better? I only see families suffer from tax increases and nothing improving with our cities our school systems and healthcare is turning into a joke with Obamacare. I still only hear schools crying poor mouth with a new fund-raiser coming home ever other week. The schools think they are hurting look at what is happening to the American people with the increase on taxes. Increasing taxes doesn’t help bring up the economy. This isn’t how we got out of the great depression. Taxes were lowered and it moved to get America back on her feet. When we have more money we can spend more, common sense right?

Lets stop focusing on issues that aren’t helping us dig out of the hole we’re in. Energy disputes, abortion, war on women all distractions. For all those pro-choice folks out there abortion will never be removed from the table. It is to convenient to women and men alike and so is birth control. Yes you can afford the price of birth control if not covered stop jamming your beliefs down others throats. Leave the religious groups alone. I repeat your lack of values shouldn’t be imposed on any religious groups. If you don’t like it then find another job. Men open your wallet you want to play then help pay for that birth control or abortion. So this war on women distraction. Global warming sorry Gore distraction. Focus America on what makes us strong. God, family values and love of country. Everything else will fall into place.

This is America and as Americans we have every right to say enough. Stop letting government take our liberties away one by one. Bring back our founding fathers’ values and the constitution because it is all we need to stay strong, fear God, and live free. Don’t forget Ronald Reagan saying the scariest words in the English langue are …” I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Simple statement but how true these words are. Government is to big and it’s time for us Americans to say so.

Let’s not forgot why so many people have flocked to this country. it is for a better way of life. So why when they left tyranny, socialism, communism would you want to drive America to that very way of life people are running from. Time to WAKE UP AMERICA stop government by using the power of the vote. We need our freedoms back. We are great we are Americans.

Patriotism when did that turn out to be not politically correct. To be a proud American seems to be a dirty phrase. Well I’m a proud American, I love God, family and country. I love our military that is the best in the world. Let’s keep our military strong and tell Obama not to gut it. Because in doing so he will weaken our country. Ever wonder why over the past years we’re hearing about pirates again. Come on it isn’t that much of a stretch, it is because our Navy is the smallest it as been in years. Without a strong military we can’t defend ourselves and stay the most powerful nation in the world. Oops, just said something not P.C. goodness knows we don’t want to come across as the bullies of the world. No wait, yes I do if it keeps my family safe from terrorist that Obama is enjoying let run amuck. Lets not forget as we speak China is building their military stronger day by day. They now have aircraft carriers, that planes can land on and take off from. So, if it is okay for China aside from the Middle East the worst citizens of the world, to keep their military strong. It is sure as heck okay for America to do the same.

Where is America, where has she gone. Oh darn did it again on the P.C. front, can’t say she. Hmmm … It I don’t know sounds cold. I miss our God-fearing, family value loving, patriotism, pride in our military, America.

Remember when it was okay to be a stay at home mom, you know a homemaker? Without being looked down on for it. That it was okay to take pride in being home, cleaning, cooking all that backwards thinking way of life. Watch out women another distraction from what is important. Revelation for you liberal women out there, it is okay to stay home and raise our kids our way. It is okay to like to cook, clean and take care of the family. Wow to have a rewarding life by making a happy, clean home for our kids. I for one don’t want my son raised in after school programs being taught values that aren’t mine or his father’s.

Americans are told we are greedy and should feel guilt for what we have. I say the heck we should. Americans are the most generous people on this planet. Americans are the one who set the bar on being humane not Europe, not China and sure as heck not the Middle East.

What do countries say about Americans? You’re always interfering. Until that is we don’t show up to the fight then you hear the out cry. WHERE ARE THE AMERICANS HOW DARE THEY NOT SHOW UP TO FIGHT OUR BATTLES. Will I say how dare you think America is there to always bail the world out.

I want my country back, and I have the God-given right to stand up and say I am a proud American, who fears God loves my family, country and good old fashion American values.

I blame us America once again we fell asleep at the wheel. We didn’t heed the warnings of the few folks who did pay attention. Time for the sleeping giant to once again WAKE UP and take back the wheel. I want my son to grow up with the freedoms and opportunities he deserves to have in the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

Thanks for reading.

Alison Patriot